Correcting Slices and Hooks

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Correcting Slices and Hooks

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Golf Basics - Correcting a Slice

In a slice, the ball is moving in a left-right motion across the sky since it is spinning in a clockwise direction. You can verify that you’ve committed a slice by looking at the divot produced. The divot created by a slice will be pointing to the left while the ball will be in the opposite direction.

What do you need to check to rectify a slice? First check to see if you're gripping the club correctly. If your grip is correct, you should be able to see two knuckles or more on your left hand. Your thumb and knuckle on both hands should also be forming a V with the bottom pointing towards your right shoulder.

Next, check your stance to make sure that you are not aiming too much to the left, particularly with your shoulders. If there s nothing wrong with your stance or grip of your burner 2.0 irons, then the problem may be with your backswing. Your backswing may be too high up and not enough around, causing you to hit the ball too steeply toward the ground. If you’re okay in these three areas, then the problem is probably your downswing. Check that your downswing moves down with no push forward or lift with your arms. Shift your weight to your front foot and make your body turn towards the ball.

Golf Basics - Correcting a Hook

A hook is the reverse of a slice in that it is moving in a right-left motion and spinning counter-clockwise. Similarly, the divot will point right while the ball will end up to the left. To check your grip of the taylormade burner 2.0 irons, look down and check how many knuckles on your left hand you can see. If you see more than two, then there could be something wrong with your grip. The V formed by your knuckle and index should point just near your right ear and right shoulder, no more than that. If your grip is alright, then check your stance to make sure that you are not aiming too far too the right. You can check your aim by aligning your club on the ground in a way that is parallel to the target line.

Next, check your backswing to see if you are not approaching the ball too much along the ground. When checking your stance while doing your backswing, is sure the back of your left wrist should be in line with your wristwatch. Finally, look at your downswing. The stance of your downswing should involve turning your body and shifting your weight to your front foot. If you perform this movement properly, then it s almost guaranteed that your club is coming down from the correct direction. And make sure that there is no tension in your hands and arms that might affect your swing.
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