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We know, from bitter experience, that golf has the potential to create more mental health problems than redundancy, recession and an unfaithful wife combined – a lesson that was brought home to me very starkly during a couple of rounds in Kent recently.

It all started after the first round of last week’s Irish Open, where McIlroy drove into a bunker on the 18th, which he wouldn’t have reached if he had left his taylormade rocketballz irons in the bag. American commentator Jay Townsend posted on his Twitter page that the round ‘Represented some of the worst course management I have ever seen beyond under-10s boys’ competition.’ And when one of his followers tweeted that the young Irishman should sack his caddy and hire Williams, Townsend agreed, which seems to imply that he blames the caddy for the bad decision making.

This, of course, is nonsense as it is the player who makes the final decision and who has to live with the consequences. It would appear that Townsend, like a few other observers, noted that McIlroy and his bagman didn’t talk much when Rory went into meltdown over the last nine holes at Augusta during the Masters with the famous rocketballz irons for sale in the online store, but it ignores the fact that they chatted regularly during the final day of the US Open, which McIlroy won in such magnificent style.

Townsend is paid to offer an opinion but has rightly withdrawn his ‘under-10 boys’ comment. And the point is, unless he is standing close enough to overhear any conversation between player and caddy, he has no right to assume that bad decision-making is at the behest of the bagman.

McIlroy’s rather intemperate response – that Townsend should shut up because he is a failed golfer whose opinion means nothing – has just stoked the fires but it is easy to see why he has become so heated, defending a man he likes and trusts who cannot speak up for himself.
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